SOINUMAPA has served and serves also as a starting point for various side projects. As we understand, the map more than a final goal is a starting point for new projects. At least, this is the way we would like to be, both for those who actively participate on the map and for any other user.
In this regard, new projects in which many artists have participated has been created following SOINUMAPA. Here are some of them:

>> HOTS! Radio Paisaje Sonoro (2007-…)

Online radio showing different sound works in several ways that work the Soundscape concept in a broad sense. Sound compositions, interviews, audio-documentaries, sound postcards and other audio files, all freely searchable and downloadable can be found on this radio. The list of participants includes: Francisco Lopez, Oswaldo Macia, Xabier Erkizia, Oier Iruretagoiena, Iñigo Telletxea …


A collective made Sound map of Lublin city, Poland. A project in collaboration with Crossroads center.


A collectively made Sound map for the Italian town of Saturnia, located in Tuscany, using the tools developed by SoinuMapa and managed by the Soinumapa team.

>> RE:MAPA (2004-2006)
DOWNLOAD RE:MAPA net album (MP3)

An exercise in reinterpretation understood as a reflection on the possible relationships between the original recordings that make up the map, the places where they were taken and memory. 30 experimental sound artists and musicians of the Basque Country took these recordings and musically reinterpreted in a kind of remix exercise. The list of participants includes: Oier Iruretagoiena, Alex Mendizabal, Mursego, Iban Urizar, Alex Mendizabal, Mattin, Tzesne, Paralux, Johannes Buff, Xedh …