You can participate in SOINUMAPA!
It’s very easy, just choose the recordings you want to share with us and follow the instructions below. Remember, we only accept recordings made in the Basque country and surroundings, so any other recording will not be included on the map (there are other maps around the world, take a look on links section). The recorded sounds can be of any kind, source, quality and duration,  but always representative of the place where happened originally. Please, don’t upload original song recordings.
There are 3 ways of adding your sounds to the map:

Send us your recording and some related information (title, localization, author,  short description) to As soon as we get the recording we will contact you.

The management team of this website keeps the right to edit the contents of the website. The aim of this right is not to control or to censor recordings but to show all the contents in the best way possible without loosing the basis of the project. As an example, this team will translate all the information to basque, english, spanish and maybe some other languages in the future. In any case if you have any doubt or suggestion please contact us.

Thanks for participating!