Zerain – Hydraulic sawmill 3


Recorded in the hydraulic sawmill Larraondo (XIX c. ) located in the neighborhood Urkuluta in Zerain. This magnificient piece of engineering that uses water coming down the river of the same name to operate, offers the chance to listen to almost extinct mechanical sounds. This recording captures certain low vibrations of the building itself while a relaxed moment of activity.

From the Zerain website:
The power of the water has always been used at the Basque Country, and at Larraondo farmhouse of Zerain it has been used to power the machinery of the sawmill. Built around 1890, Larraondo sawmill uses the water of the Lasurtegi stream flowing down the mountains of Zerain and still keeps the characteristics and functionality that once had. The sawmill workers were the people of Larraondo farm, as a complement of the farm works. That’s why the sawmill worked mainly at winter and spring: there was less work at the farm and the stream had more water. Around 1960 Larraondo sawmill stopped workin. Since then it has been silent above the stream, but all its old machinery can be seen working still now.

Author: Xabier Erkizia
Date: 20/01/2015