Zerain – Arbelar

Recording realized for the project SOINEKO PAISAIA
Shepherd / herd: Txangonea

Mountaineers walking without rest. A large and disordered group of sheep. I am close to Arbelar, looking to Arbelaitz. The shapes of the environment seems to influence the sound of cowbells. Dogs also are nonstop barking, advicing mountaineers about his presence, while they are passing near the herd.I think that distance adds texture to the sound. If what I have in front of me, were a group of people and if I had to make a portrait of them, the generated “information” would result in the image of a crowd, more than the sum of individuals. More than an image based on the detaisl, the result would be the portrait of a group, kneading, unified. But if I could come closer and use a narrower angle, I could see people. Distance also makes a big difference in sound recording.

I did a general recording. Then, a closer one (you can hear the Etxezarreta sheep coming closer, misplaced). I am told that this is the flock of Garbiñe, I had also come to the same conclusion. Someone tells me Garbiñe’s sheep and Jesus Antonio’s (his uncle?) often go together, but I see a green dot draw on the cattle of the sheeps.


Author: Nader Koochaki
Date: 30/07/2013