Urepele – Shearing with scissors


From May to June, shepherds from the region gather to shear their sheep communally. More than 200 sheep, as in this case, would be an impossible task for one shepherd. Thus, rotating from one herd to another during some weeks, they complete the task in together. Mixel Menta, invited us to listen the shearing of his flock in Urepele. There, along with forty other shepherds, they shear by hand and machine. Earlier, they had gathered the flock, had a consistent lunch and shear until lunchtime. In this case, we hear the shearing process with scissors. First of all, a group tied the legs of sheep to facilitate shearing and hence passed into the hands of the group working with machines, making a first cut. Subsequently, sheep passed into the hands of the shearers with scissors tha finishthe job and then unleash the sheeps, which relieved of such an event, are looking up the hill beyond the herd.

Author: Luca Rullo / Asier Gogortza
Date: 15/07/2015