Tudela – Proclamation of Zipoteros


Recorded in Tudela (Navarra) during the beginning of carnival, at the square of zipoteros.
The zipotero is a historical figure in the tradition of the carnival of Tudela, recovered in 1989. The zipotero (or zipotera) is a character with white mask, colored blouses (although supposedly the tradition indicates the colors blue or white), covered head with a handkerchief and a bag or pouch which carries candies, that gives out during the parade. In addition, many of the zipoteros, use a long stick with colorful ribbons and a few bells, that ring all the time.
The parade begins with the proclamation and the announcer “chupín” in a square where zipoteras, zipoteros, other villagers and the municipal band, accompanied by pipers, wait for the carnival.


Author: Luca Rullo
Date: 13/03/2015