Pasaia – organoaren heriotza (1836)

Iturria: History of the British Legion, and war in Spain (Ed. James Pattie, London, 1838)
Alexander Somerville (1811-1885)
Chapter V. Desecration of the church. 123. orr.

Add to all that unhallowed revelry that thus desecrated a temple of God the noise made by the organ. Its notes from the high gallery mingled mournfully loud with the bedlam below. As a number crowded round it, and contended for the priviledge of making noise, a listener would have expected on hearing a few notes, that there was to be something musical, but suddenly it gave a discordant howl as if rebelling against the profane hands that touched it, and ultimately amid the riot, it was broken and became silent.

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Egilea: Alexander Somerville (1811-1885)
Data: 12/07/1836