Pasaia – Gudaren bezperako gaua (1813)

Iturria: The Subaltern (Ed. William Blackwood, Edinburgh, 1825)
George Robert Gleig (1796-1888)
Chapter II. Página 33-34.

When I looked around me again, I saw arms piled up, and glittering in the light of twenty fires, which were speedily kindled, and cast a bright glare through the overhanging foliage. I saw men, enveloped in their great-coats, stretched or sitting around these fires in wild groups; I heard their merry chat, their hearty and careless laugh ; now and then a song or a catch chanted by one or two,—all these things, I recollect, were delight­fully exciting. I leant my head against a tree, and putting my pipe in my mouth, I puffed away in a state of feeling which any monarch might envy, and which, in truth, I have never experien­ced since.

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Egilea: George Robert Gleig (1796-1888)
Data: 12/08/1813