Artzabal – Wolves and music (1908)


Source: Txistu (Imp. y Enc. Bilbao Maritimo y comercial, Bilbao, 1908)
J. de Arkotxa (???-????)
TXISTU (Enkartaziño’ko ipuña) . Pages 6-7

Full of mortal anguish, I threw them the last remnants of food, they ate them and immediately ran back to his place. I never had been so close to death, but then, I fastened my footsteps nervous, agitated, thinking about my last hour, and my persecutors were also fastening.
One of the time they came almost over and seemed to me that they were going to take their tooth on me, I made a supreme effort, I jumped and without noticing suddenly the tambourine played. When hearing such a noise all wolves fled in all directions and watching them running I said:
- Fool of me! having contemplations with such animals!
And taking the txistu and tambourine, I stand up and …
- Parran Pam pam pam pam pam Parran.
I came to Arzabal and didn’t found any wolf on my way.

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Author: J. de Arkotxa
Date: 12/02/1908