Basque Onomatopeias (1909)

Source: Pasatiempos de un euskaldun de aldea (Euskal-Erria : revista bascongada, 1901)
Original from the Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea Library (Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa)

Translation (original in spanish):
The difficult thing is to imitate the sounds of animals and other elements of nature using letters of our alphabet : No doubt, their alphabet is different from ours, but in spite of this difficulty, man has wished to adapt voices or sounds of the other elements to their language and imitate through the letters of our alphabet those sounds, leading to the rhetorical figure called onomatopoeia. Thus, and referring to basque language, we see that we had imitate the cricket repeating the syllable kir, so we call kirkir to the cricket, also kilker or chirchill. We imitate the song of the cuckoo repeating the ku syllable and, so we call this bird kuku. Similarly we call bell chinchín or Chilin, tuntun to the drum drum, to blow is putz, downpour is zaparrada , tremor is dardarrada or dardaizua, a hit is called zanpatekua and zartatekua, to slip is irrist, etc., etc.

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Author: M.
Date: 14/04/1909