Ugao – Ostatu zaratatsua (1797)

Iturria: Travels in Spain in 1797 and 1798 (T.N. Longman and O. Rees, London, 1802)
Frederick Augustus Fischer
Letter XXVI. Departure from Bilboa. 113. orr.

The whole posada or inn was full of muleteers (‘arrieros) coming from Castile, so that those who followed scarcely found any room. They soon assembled round a large fire, where a crowd of people began to dress their suppers. The tables were covered with plates and jugs, and the different groups crowded close to each other; here two individuals playing the devil’s tattoo on their pitchers, there a great newsmonger just arrived as he said from Bayona de Francia ; next to him a guitar-player and some young women toying with their sweethearts, and beyond them some drunkards quarrelling. Add to these the squeaking voice of the landlady calling out and reckoning up her accounts, the confused voices of the guests calling for wine, the eloquence of the landlord endeavouring to sell a donkey, a tambouriner playing for the young people to dance, the noise of the mules separated from the kitchen merely by a thin partition, the barking of dogs mingling with the general uproar, and you will have an idea of this noisy scene, which became interesting through its variety and singularity.

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Egilea: Frederick Augustus Fischer
Data: 11/10/1797