Lizarra – Tu! tu! tu! (1873)

Source: Spain and Spaniards (Hurst and Blackett publishers, London, 1874)
N.L. Thieblin “Azamat-Batuk”
Chapter XII. The Army and Staff of Don Carlos. Page 282.

I still remember the joy of the population of that town, when the bugle sounded to call the men of the eighth battalion to receive their arms. After the usual signal for marching, distributing rations, or anything of that sort, the Carlist trumpeter always gives a number of abrupt bugle sounds, a kind of tu! tu! tu! the number of which corresponds to the number of battalion concerned, and when on that occasion the eighth tu! was sounded, there was no end to the applause and hurrahs on the part of the citizens and volunteers congregated in the town square.

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Author: N.L. Thieblin
Date: 30/09/1873