Lasarte – Sounds from Oria (1887)

Source: Legends and popular tales of the Basque people (T. Fisher Unwin: London, 1887)
Mariana Monteiro
Arguiduna, page 60

“It was a dark night. The Oria, which drags its turbid waters along the ancient banks of Lasarte, Zubieta and Usurbil, now and again utters a melancholy moan on breaking its waves against the wooden piers of the bridges. It is the wrath of the muddy river, but differs from the anger of the ocean, which at first moans, then displays its fury by terrific roars, and startles and convulses nature. The tops of the lofty oaks that cover the valley of Urnieta are also moved, and produce a noise similar to the rushing of the waters of the far distant torrents. Immense clouds of dry yellow leaves had collected together from the depths of the leafy woods, and, rising up, appeared in the night-time, to be flocks of bats and nocturnal birds, formed noisy whirl winds, spread themselves about on the night winds, and fell on the agitated waters of the Cantabrian Sea or on the rivers.”

Author: Mariana Monteiro
Date: 11/05/1887