Isaba – Zaratrako


Recorded at the village of Isaba, Roncal valley, during the celebration of Carnival. At noon,Amanditxarko, Aitanditxarko and Zaratrakos (formerly carnival characters) go out accompanied by the music band by the snowfalls and freezing streets of the village.

Pictures: Fernando Hualde, Mikel Lahidalga

The kalejira makes a stop at the house of Mrs. Carmen singing:

Mudao, Zaratrako,
triko triko trako,
una abarca y un zapato,
no me meterás en el saco,
ni tampoco en el zapato.

Then the fanfarre plays a Mexican song, saying goodbye with the”bat, bi, hiru, lau”song, thrilling to the neighbors.



Author: Iñigo Telletxea
Date: 18/02/2012