Ezpeleta – quietness in nature (1901)

Source: Springtime in the Basque Mountains (Grant Richards, London, 1901)
Arthur Lasenby Liberty (1843-1917)
Chapter II. Cambo. A walk toward Espelette. Page 87

Our surroundings were prosaic enough, merely a patchy spread of uncultivated land, sparsely dotted with gorse; but we were with nature and the sweet breezes and abundantly content. Content to be at one with the repose around; content to have no shelter but the azure sky; content to listen to the droning lullaby of unseen insect life; content to be alone. Alone! free from the trammels of
artificial life ; free to give rein awhile to fond imaginings; free to indulge the inborn longing to revert to primal being ; free to dream thus in close communion with soft, pulsing, vernal nature, and wanton in the throbbing sense of mere existence.

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Author: Arthur Lasenby Liberty (1843-1917)
Date: 22/10/1901