Donostia – gauez interesgarriagoa (1900)

Iturria: The Romance of Spain (McMillan and co., New York, 1900)
Charles W. Wood
Chapter III: St. Sebastian by night. 62. orr.

Ten o’clock had long struck, the whole town was in repose, streets were empty. Under the stars we traced the long white line of foam as the waves broke upon the beach. Bound the rocks the waters plashed and surged in the dark night. Far away stretched the black wide waste of ocean. Here and there gleamed the lights of a vessel passing westward. (…)
St. Sebastian was certainly more interesting by night than by day. Down on the port everything was still ; outlines of vessels and masts were just discernible, their lights throwing long trailing pathways upon the waters. Santa Lucia flashed her warning over the wide Bay to vessels passing east and west—a warning little heeded to­ night, when all boisterous elements were at rest.

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Egilea: Charles W. Wood
Data: 23/06/1900