Donostia – A sound for the blind


Recording on a Saturday morning in Paseo Duque de Mandas of Donostia. In the recording it’s possible to hear some people walking and talking and vehicles passing along the avenue, including a small-displacement motorcycle.

In the recording there is an acoustic signal which is only heard when blind people activate it in adapted crossings and some bus marquees. Years ago this sound was more usual because some streets had these adapted crossings that constantly sounded.

This sound indicates when blind can cross the street and when they should not. Traffic lights adapted for the blind are activated with a remote control that only they can have it and which is facilitated by ONCE to members who ask for it because they find it useful.

These adapted traffic lights produce three types of acoustic signals: the first is to tell the blind that they have to wait until the new signal; the second is the sound signal to indicate that the light is green and it may cross the zebra crossing at the time; the third sound has the faster rate and is to indicate that the time to cross has finished.

This recording was made possible thanks to the ONCE.

Author: Mikel R. Nieto
Date: 31/05/2014