St Jean de Luz – Selling sardines (1801)


Source: Researches into the Early Inhabitants of Spain by the help of the Basque language (1821). Wilhem Von Humboldt (1796-1835)
2nd fascicle, St Jean de Luz.
Image: “Sardineras de Bayona” Museo de las familias.
Museo Zumalakarregi Museoa

“Here I most admired the sardineras or sardine sellers whom I met on the road to San Juan de Luz. It is an amusing spectacle, when one sees coming out from behind a hill five or six, or sometimes as many as ten or even twenty female figures, all in a line, mostly tall and thin, with large, round, covered baskets of fish balancing freely on their heads. The women walk straight and erect, almost without moving their bodies and each one is in a hurry to be the first to cry their wares in Bayonne.”
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Author: Wilhem Von Humboldt (1796-1835)