Irun – Organoa ondatu zutenekoa (1837)

Iturria: Sketches of scenery in the Basque Provinces of Spain (Ackermann & co, London, 1838)
Henry Wilkinson
The Basque Provinces. Irun. 30. orr

On the next day I visited the church in order to try the organ, and found many volunteers ready to work the bellows. To do these lawless fellows justice, I may as well state, that in all their rioting and debauchery, they had abstained from offering injury to that magnificent instrument. The Spanish soldiery would have been far more likely to destroy it, as I remember one instance of their having committed a similar enormity in the church of Astigarraga. The Scotch regiment had been quartered close by that church, for a few weeks, during which period they were delighted to get Dr. Lardner or myself into the organ-loft. We marched to another village, and our place was occupied by a regiment of Spaniards, who seemed less scrupulous on the matter, for on my visiting the church some time after, I found the organ totally destroyed. I confess that I felt the deepest sorrow in looking on the vestiges of an instrument that had afforded me so much enjoyment during the uninteresting period we were quartered in the village.

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Egilea: Henry Wilkinson
Data: 30/10/1837