Miarritze – Inauteri kronikoa (1869)

Iturria: The sunny south / Hegalde eguzkitsua (Hurst and Blackett, London, 1869)
J.W. Clayton
III atala. Biarritz. 38 orr.

The people at Biarritz seem to be in a chronic state of masquerade. In some the disease takes a severe and malignant form, in others simply that of a mild and harmless lunacy. Very fierce and dirty individuals prowl about the streets, in what is pop­ularly supposed to be the Spanish costume (..). These individuals have dreadful long Spanish knives to sell, knives which, when any Englishman is so infatuated as to decline buying Birmingham cutlery at Biarritz, they grasp in a very portentous manner, opening and shutting them with an air of determination which is most alarming to the weak and nervous.

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Egilea: J.W. Clayton
Data: 17/03/1869