Burgi – Tying traditional wood rafts

Recorded the day before the traditional wood rafts day in Burgi (Nafarroa). Before the massive event arrives, a first down is performed to leave the rafts positioned for the next day descent into the village. Both young and old rafters are organized, so they cross down the Esca river, from a chapel located five kilometers from the village. On theur arrival, a small entourage of neighbors and some occasional strangers wait for them. This year, there is a new “presence” on the scene. A strange flying object, present almost during all the recording. In addition to the drone, we can hear people commenting on the rafts, the rafters commenting points to tie the two rafts, the sound of ther feet splashing in the river and some kids playing around.

Author: Luca Rullo
Date: 01/05/2015