Bidasoa – Ejecución (1813)

Fuente original: The Subaltern (Ed. William Blackwood, Edinburgh, 1825)
George Robert Gleig (1796-1888)
Chapter VI. Página 97.

The discharge of the muskets in the face of the culprits, was followed by a sound as if every man in the division had been stifled for the last five minutes, and now at length drew in his breath. It was not a groan, nor a sigh, but a sob, like that which you unconsciously utter after dipping your head under water; and now all excitement was at an end. The men were dead ; they died by musket-shots ; and these were occurrences, viewing them in the abstract, far too common to be much regarded. But in order to give to the execution its full effect, the division formed into open column of battalions, and marched round the grave, on the brink of which the bodies lay ; after which each corps filed off to its tents, and long before dark the scene of the morning was forgotten.

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Autor: George Robert Gleig (1796-1888)
Fecha: 07/10/1813