Bidasoa – Ataque en silencio (1813)

Fuente original: The Subaltern (Ed. William Blackwood, Edinburgh, 1825)
George Robert Gleig (1796-1888)
Chapter VI. Página 97.

As we moved in profound silence, we reached our place of ambuscade without creating the small­est alarm ; where we laid ourselves down upon the ground, for the double purpose of more effectually avoiding a display, and of taking as much rest as possible. Whilst lying here, we listened, with eager curiosity, to the distant tread of feet, which marked the coming up of other divisions, and to the lumbering sound of artillery, as it rolled along the high road. The latter increased upon us every moment, till at length three ponderous eighteen-pounders reached the hollow, and began to ascend the rising ground immediately in front of us.

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Autor: George Robert Gleig (1796-1888)
Fecha: 15/10/1813