Bera – Gudua entzuten (1813)

Iturria: Adventures in the Rifle Brigade, in the Peninsula, France, and the Netherlands
(T. & W. Boone and co., London, 1848)
Captain John Kincaid (1787–1862)
Chapter XV: Position at Bera. 245-246. orr.

On the 26th, we occupied a ridge of moun­tain near enough to hear the battle, though not in a situation to see it; and remained the whole of the day in the greatest torture, for want of news. About midnight we heard the joyful tidings of the enemy’s defeat, with the loss of four thousand prisoners. Our division proceeded in pursuit, at daylight on the following morning.

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Egilea: Captain John Kincaid (1787–1862)
Data: 26/07/1813