Bera – and the battle began (1813)

Source: Rough notes of seven campaigns in Portugal, Spain, France, and America (Ed. John Russell, London, 1869)
John Spencer Cooper (1787-1875)
Battles of Pampelune. Page 104..

November 10th, an order came to move at a moment’s warning  and at midnight we descended the heights in silence, and halted a little before day­ break near a redoubt occupied by the enemy. Just as day broke, the 2nd or Queen’s regiment, with part of the 53rd, doffed their knapsacks, and dashed at the redoubt, surprised the sleeping garrison, and made them prisoners. Shots now began to be ex­changed in rapid succession, and the battle began.

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Author: John Spencer Cooper (1787-1875)
Date: 10/11/1813