Azpeitia – merkatua (1900)


Fuente original: The Romance of Spain (McMillan and co., New York, 1900)
Charles W. Wood
Chapter II: Azpeitia. Página 51.

The town was picturesque with narrow streets and over­ hanging eaves, lively with crowds of people dressed in many colours: some driving heavily-laden donkeys. We had expected a “dead city”—and found it large, bustling and thriving. The old-fashioned market-place, strewn with the artistic pottery in daily use, was a gay scene and noisy, for it was market-day and the country is well populated. The church tower with its open belfry was very curious, and opposite to it was a interesting old house with an Moorish façade. There was, indeed, a good deal of the Moorish element about Azpeitia, to add to its interest. As our driver rattled through the streets the people flew right and left, and nervous donkeys took possession of the doorways.

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Autor: Charles W. Wood
Fecha: 23/06/1900