Ainhoa – Isilik ihes (1873)

Iturria: Spain and Spaniards (Hurst and Blackett publishers, London, 1874)
N.L. Thieblin “Azamat-Batuk”
First Visit to the Carlist Camp. 50. orr.

“Pray don’t make the slightest noise, gentlemen.” recommended the clever spinster. “Your very steps should not be heard, else the dogs are sure to raise an infernal barking all over the village, and you will at once have the gendarmes rushing at you. Don’t open your umbrellas either, for the fall of rain upon them would certainly be heard”.
Such and similar was the experienced female’s advice, all of which we duly complied with, and passed the village as successfully as any escaping robber ever did. Our guide, in his soundless sandals, was, while marching ahead of us, no more audible than our shadow would have been, and we really did all that was in our power to imitate him, and began to breathe freely only when we were quite out of the village, and away from the high road.

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Egilea: N.L. Thieblin
Data: 05/05/1873