Baiona – Eliza beteta (1901)

Iturria: Springtime in the Basque Mountains / Udaberria Euskal mendietan (Grant Richards, London, 1901)
Arthur Lasenby Liberty (1843-1917)
X. atala. Cambo to and from Pamplona across de mountains. The Cathedral. 221 orr.

As mischance would have it we were able to obtain little more than a furtive glance at the details of this celebrated carv­ing; for, notwithstanding the early hour of our visit (7 A.M.) a full service was in progress and a large number of worshippers were assembled and devoutly following it. This full attendance at early service much impressed us. It was such a contrast to our home-grown cross-hating, smug, and lie-a-bed one-day-a-weck Protestant method of worship. We moved along noiselessly, but the very presence of sight-seers was unwelcomc. One had reason to think this, because as dignified and richly habited priest, who was officiating at the high altar, presently stayed the service for a moment to whisper to a small boy by his side. Forthwith the little red-cassocked acolyte made his way quietly to where we were standing, and by courteous signs con­veyed a request for us not to continue our investigations during the time the service was proceeding.

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Egilea: Arthur Lasenby Liberty (1843-1917)
Data: 17/03/1869